The Invisible Thread

Hey there,

I’ve just returned from my sixth trip to Nashville! How did that happen?! The last two years have flown by and I never would’ve believed i’d be having such a love affair with a city full of Cowboy Boots and Stetsons…

Music City is of course much more than that and I have to say I’ve met some of the nicest most welcoming friends in that city!

Thank you Nashville!!


So what took me over there this April? First of all I was lucky enough to attend The Nashville Film Festival. I know what you’re thinking…why a film festival and not music?!

Well all those amazing soundtracks from your favourite films are made up of lots of cool Indie songs as well as big budget scoring and there is definitely a real need for independent music for synchronisation (the fancy name for matching a song to moving picture).

It is however a very competitive field so my goal for this trip was to meet some Music Supervisors (the important people that get your music to the ears of the film directors and producers) and learn some tips and tricks that I could put to good use and hopefully bring some opportunities my way.  It was great, I learnt a lot and met some really nice people who like my music so we’ll see what happens..Just gotta keep riding this wave!

Another goal was to get writing more. Co-writing is a big thing in Nashville and i’m really enjoying it. Its so different from writing alone but I would recommend any songwriter to try it. Magic can happen in that little writing room when two creative minds with different perspectives on life come together..

I got to experience some incredible things as a result of these writing sessions and one was to record a demo of a new song in the famous Cowboy Arms Recording Studio. Once the home of Producer/Songwriter Jack Clement, this studio has seen people such as Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, John Prine and U2 through its doors to record. It was very cool watching the documentary about the studio realising I was sitting exactly where Johnny Cash was some 20 years before.

I had some wonderful co-writes during this trip and the title of this post is inspired by a song I wrote on my 2nd last day with two fantastic writers James Elliott and Carter Harrell. I had stored the title ‘The Invisible Thread’ in my song ideas, not really knowing what it meant at the time. We decided to work on this idea and the ‘Invisible Thread’ became that which connects us all in this world! No matter our gender, race, nationality, political opinion, age etc we are all the same; just blood and bones and we all feel similar emotions..Joy, fear, anger, trust, envy etc

I’ve been very lucky to have travelled quite a bit in my life from Iceland to Japan, Thailand to Norway and beyond. Its always struck me even when lost in translation, a smile is the same in every language. That small thing connects us all and will take you far. Trust in the knowledge that the world as big and as scary as it may seem, will take care of you. So get out there and explore, meet new people, live outside your comfort zone and go and follow whatever crazy dream you might have no matter what others think. Those are the things you’ll remember at the end!


I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit more about my journey 🙂

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I also want to thank the Arts Council of Northern Ireland for supporting this trip as well. Their continued support over the last few years means everything! What a great bunch!!!


Next up is…London!!!

I’ll be playing:

21st May – The Green Note, Camden

23rd May – The Bedford Live, Balham

London poster-page-001

More soon

Ciara xx


One thought on “The Invisible Thread

  1. Just saw you on Music City Roots: Live From the Factory. Very impressed, just ordered your CD. Good Luck!


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