In with the new..

Happy new year everyone!

So its that time of year again, where we make all these grand gestures for the coming year.. to exercise more, drink more water, stop smoking..whatever your vice may be..mine is chocolate…(I’ll never quit)

I do like to spend an evening at this time though to look back at the previous year, all the things that went well and the things that didn’t and write out some goals that I can work toward in the new year.

I think goals are important and knowing what you don’t want is as valid as knowing what you do want! Definitely one thing I learnt in 2016!

On a personal and music level 2016 was really good to me. I did a lot and am proud of what I achieved..I released my first album, got lots of radio play including BBC6 music, spent more time in Nashville, played some amazing gigs at home and stateside and I wrote some great songs that i’m really proud of with life..nothing is perfect.

After my last trip to Nashville in November I came home exhausted, deflated, and hurtin’ inside and out.

The music industry is overwhelming and at times feels like you’re climbing Everest..Sometimes you feel you’re almost at base camp and then you feel like you haven’t even left the car park..

To give myself and my mind a much needed break I decided to take the month of December off from writing, recording, performing..I didn’t even really listen to music either..except for hearing Mariah Carey warbling about 10 times every day..(love ya Mariah <3)

But being the eternal optimist that I am, the little break did me the world of good and i’m pleased to report i’m ready and raring to get back to it and get started with the new year.

2017 is gonna be a good one..lots of gigs at home over the next few months and then back to Nashville in April, London in May and maybe a wee holiday somewhere special in the summer..

I’ve also been in the studio recently with producer Michael Mormecha and the new songs sound class!!! So so happy with them..different from the first album but still has that moody dark feel which I love!

I’ll be continuing to work on the new recordings over the next few months so I may release an EP this year if I can’t wait for an album but will keep you all up to date with that, i’ll also let you hear a sneak peek of something i’m working on very soon! 

I’d also like to take this opportunity to say THANKYOU to everyone who supported me last year either through buying my music, sharing a video, sending a sweet message or giving me advice! It is SO appreciated and keeps me carrying on with this crazy adventure.

Also a really special thanks goes to the Arts Council of Northern Ireland who helped me achieve so much last year and the Nashville angel herself Jewel Coburn for guiding me through this industry storm intact..we’ve got a long road to go 🙂

I’ll leave this here but I hope you all achieve your goals this year and get further along whatever path you wish to take!

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Lots of love and see ya on the mountain

Ciara x


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