The Bluebird and beyond…



Its October!!! How did that happen?! Hope everyone is keeping well and had a lovely summer. Been a while since I updated this blog so here goes…

In just over a week i’m heading back to Nashville 😀

This time i’ll be staying for a whole month..I have some amazing co-writes and shows lined up including The legendary Bluebird Cafe on Nov 18th and Douglas Corner on Nov 11th.


I’m so excited about these opportunities and absolutely love Nashville so I can’t wait to get back over. There isn’t a music industry in Northern Ireland so in order to get my music heard elsewhere it’s important to take a leap and go. It’s not easy going off on your own to a new place without really knowing anybody, but I definitely recommend it. The magic in life lies outside your comfort zone! So go for it!!!

I’m also going to be in America for my very first Thanksgiving!! I’m heading to Baton Rouge in Louisiana to spend it with my family there..Can’t wait!

Since my last post i’ve played some lovely gigs


Via Chordblossom
Dublin Circle Sessions

And this coming Saturday..Halloween night i’m playing my first show in Ballymena for The Braid Real Music Club. Can’t wait to play this show as i’ll be playing a bunch of new songs. Go to the link above for tickets!


I’ve also been back in the studio at Millbank (a great wee independent studio in Lisburn) recording some instrumentals for some publishing work. I’ll hopefully be able to tell you more about that soon 🙂



Apart from that its been writing writing writing! I love the studio and can’t wait to bring my new songs in and let you all hear what i’ve been working on!


I’ll finish this off with a few of my favourite things at the moment:

  1. The Autumn!! This is my favourite season..the colours, the crunchy leaves, wrapping up in a big comfy scarf, hot chocolate, candles burning..Bliss!
  2. The Magic by Rhonda Byrne, this book focuses on gratitude and not taking your life for granted. Might not be everyones cup of tea but i’m really enjoying it.
  3. Burning House by CAM. I’ve just recently heard of this Nashville based artist and I love her voice and songwriting. This song is beautiful.
  4. Tunesmith-Inside the Art of Songwriting by Jimmy Webb..This is a great book about songwriting that someone recommended to me. Its an interesting read if your a songwriter!
  5. Frank. I finally got round to watching this movie the other day..Its about a musician who joins a pop band fronted by an eccentric guy wearing a giant fake head. It sounds really weird but its great! Check it out!

So that’s all for now folks..If you want to keep up to date, subscribe above and join me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! The next post will probably be from Nashville. See ya’ll on the other side! 🙂 xx


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