My USA adventure continues…

Hi again

What a crazy few weeks it has been!

A few weeks ago I visited Asheville in North Carolina. Such a beautiful town..I met this dog in a book store.

Guardian of the books
Guardian of the books

Even the McDonalds in Asheville is pretty..

Pretty McD's
Pretty McD’s

I visited the Lake Eden Arts Festival surrounded by the beautiful black mountains in North Carolina. Lots of incredible world music. African Drumming, African was very cool! I LOVE hearing music from around the world and seeing their unusual this cool is this instrument?! He played it amazingly well!

African music

African Dancing :)
African Dancing 🙂
L.E.A.F Festival
L.E.A.F Festival
Beautiful Lake Eden
Beautiful Lake Eden

Next stop after North Carolina was the deep deep south…Louisiana!!

I have cousins in Baton Rouge and couldn’t wait to take a trip down south to visit them!

I wanted to get the true american experience so I took the Greyhound bus from Nashville..a total journey of 14 hrs! I had romantic songwriter notions that I’d get some real juicy stories for new material..lets just say it was interesting…


Greyhound ticketjpg

The first stop was Memphis.. the cops got on the bus..told us to get off and line our bags up outside. Their sniffer dogs proceeded to check us for drugs. True american experience indeed..I had visions of ‘Breaking Bad’ going through my head lol

Anyway I got to Louisiana safe and sound with my mental and physical health intact! HA!

I had the best weekend hanging out with my family, going to my cousins high school graduation and watching hilarious Irish films..anyone seen ‘An everlasting piece’ with Billy Connolly..SO funny!

High school Graduation!!
High school Graduation!!
Guinness the coolest dog!
Guinness the dog!
I sang some songs!
I sang some songs!
'Theeeyyy back' what the heck are chicken fries??
‘Theeeyyy back’ what the heck are chicken fries??

So my time in Baton Rouge came to an end much too soon and I headed back to Nashville…on the PLANE! One greyhound journey was enough thank you very much! 😉

Southwest airlines! Love their logo..
Southwest airlines! Love their logo..

Back in Nashville my new friend Leslie and I went Kayaking a couple times on Lake Priest very close to where i’m staying in Nashville! I’ve never been Kayaking before but LOVED it. I’m a convert!

Beautiful sunset over Lake Priest
Beautiful sunset over Lake Priest

And then I played a really cool gig in East Nashville called Sofar Sounds (Songs from a room).

These secret gigs started in London in 2009 and have quickly taken over the world with gigs in over 80 cities around the world. Join their mailing list and you’ll get dates of the upcoming shows in your nearest Sofar city. On the day of the gig you’ll get the address. All you do is turn up and prepare to be surprised..the line up isn’t revealed until the night of the gig and the venue changes for every show.

I love this concept and it was truly the best gig i’ve played here in Nashville.

Thank you Sofar Nashville!! 🙂

Sofar Nashville


Looking happy at Sofar Nashville
Looking happy at Sofar Nashville
Hound Dog Commons was the venue
Hound Dog Commons was the venue

So that’s me up to date! My time in Nashville is coming to an end but I have some veryy exciting news i’ll save for another post..once everything is signed, sealed and delivered! I will say though.. it looks like i’ll be coming back to ‘Music City’ in November! 😀

Next week my adventure continues in New York City! Woohoo 🙂

Love Ciara xx

Two random happy strangers saying bye! :)
Two random happy strangers!

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