Leaving on a Jet plane!!

Hi there

So this time tomorrow I will be high in the sky over the Atlantic on my way to Nashville!!

Its been a great month, a couple weeks ago I played the Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival. Definitely the highlight of my year so far.

I supported the brilliant Peter McVeigh on his album launch and the next day I sang on the same stage as Max T Barnes, a really talented award winning singer songwriter from Nashville. It was such an honour.

Ciara BelNash


(Photos by Nurse Ratched)

I met so many great interesting people including Erika Wollam Nichols who is the manager and COO of the infamous Bluebird Cafe and Don Henry, a Grammy award winning songwriter. Don and I have even arranged to do some co-writing when I get to Nashville.

I also met a radio DJ and promotor from the Netherlands and am making plans to do a tour there in the summer!

I think its natural for every performer to go through moments when their confidence isn’t at it’s highest and i’ve definitely felt that at times. The festival was enough to give me that little boost of confidence, so i’m going to Nashville with lots of energy and positivity. Big thanks to Colin and Anne who organise BelNash for giving me the opportunity to showcase my wee songs.

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” (Confucius)

I’ll see ya’ll in Nashville! 😉

Ciara xx

Heres a little video for my song ‘Primroses’, filmed in Japan 2011.

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